The Band

We are Pan de Capazo, a not conventional folk music band from Spain.
We transform the Roots traditional music of our old continent into an unforgetable steam show full of fantasy where we tell the story of five crazy scientists going on trip on a boat-airballon to the most hidden places in the Europe of 1914. Indomitable energy, dance and lots of humor that does not leave children or adults indifferent.
The melodies, all played with old acoustic instruments (bagpipes from Hungary together with Basque albokas, Moldovan kaval with bass-clarinet, hurdy-gurdy with Transylvanian gardon) have influences from balkan, celtic and progressive music. Our compositions let you feel not only what we have lived, but also what we have dreamed.
On our 15 years together we could visit Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Norway, Denmark and Germany.


Crew of the Aerodomus Transmaritima


Fernando Arranz

Accordion, kaval (Moldovan flute), ancient oboes and duda (Hungarian bagpipe), tin whistle and horns.

Antón Cotos

Clarinets (Eb and bass), Galician bagpipes, duda, alboka and singing.

Ramón Rodríguez

Hurdy-gurdy, Irish bouzouki, guitar, gaita and singing.

Carlos Martínez

Percussion set, zabumba (Brazilian bass drum), bendor, tambourine, pots and pans.

Héctor Cantos

Gardons (Transylvanian string cello-drums), snare drum, bottles and wooden washboard.