1. Canción del capitán 
  2. Kezes
  3. Doel Ja
  4. La Máquina
  5. Carraxe
  6. Gerardine
  7. Una historia de invierno
  8. Mominsko Horo
  9. Wereld van Fantasie
  10. Kavalanroll
  11. Snake Charmer
  12. El viaje
  13. Tira millas
  14. A la deriva
“Sea” is the third album of Pan de Capazo, recorded with the latest fogs of the winter in the mountains in Galicia. With influences of the music from Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as from different parts of the Iberian Peninsula, played with acoustic instruments and the soul of five dreamers.

The songs are like different episodes of one story, and the musicians are, at the same time, the protagonists. “Sea” is an album that tells stories about seafarers and hucksters, with the salty taste of the sea and the dust of all roads. An album that evokes a journey, by land, sea and air, of a tripulation, of a crew, of their lights and shadows.


  1. Divina comedia
  2. Tren a no mundo
  3. Vals
  4. Cienaga
  5. Rutzenitza
  6. Caravana Csángó
  7. Alboka jotia
  8. Cabras y cabrones
  9. Schol
  10. La loba
  11. Coiros 86
  12. La guarida

Recorded on 2008 in Bayona (Galicia). Album selected by Mundofonias (Radio Nacional de España) as one of the 20 best folk international albums of 2011. The influences of the album still moves between the music from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) and the Eastern Europe sonorities, but the style and tone-colors really take form creating so their own sound. 12 original and surprising tracks that combine to make a magical story.


  1. Monjes argelinos
  2. Cabalburro cojo
  3. Tres murgalinas
  4. Molondrón
  5. La gallina
  6. Medievalkalao
  7. Mala leche en Re m
  8. Kopanitzas
  9. Agarraos
  10. Marcha de Rodeche
  11. Hungareska
  12. Tourdion
  13. An Dro/Charrada de Bercimuelle
  14. Avende Revesin

Recorded on 2004 in Castellón (Spain). First album of the band, with 14 tracks that explore different styles, from medieval to klezmer music, passing through Galicia, Castilla, Bretagne, Hungary and Bulgaria. A fresh and funny album with a huge rhythmic and instrumental variety.

The Ultimate guide to Spanish Folk

Participation with the number (track) Coiros 86 in this collective (compilation) album edited by ARC (UK).
It is a selection of 17 tracks that meander through the current folk scene in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain).
Musicians such as Eliseo Parra, Naheba o Mercedes Peón put their music in this great album along with Pan de Capazo.